Monday, July 22, 2013

Last bits of the Healing Alphabet

Here I am, repeating some letters in my Healing Alphabet, and working on the 'ñ', the 'll' and the 'ch' to honour Spanish, my beautiful mother tongue.  I'm redoing the letter 'F' I donated to the 101 Gallery auction.  Next week I will display the whole collection to a gallery owner, and perhaps I will be able to show it as a group as it was meant to be.  These last pieces were primed (an initial coat of paint) with milk paint, which is sold as a white powder.  It is basically casein to make the surface absorbent for wax to penetrate the surface nicely.  Also the colours will be brighter than painting over wooden colour. This part of the work reminds me of Marisol, the Venezuelan-American artist of the 70's.

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