Saturday, October 31, 2015

Art Auction for Couple Enrichment

This is an initiative to help us finance a Couple Enrichment Retreat. We want to go to San Jose, CA in January 2016 for a Couple Enrichment Retreat weekend. During the event we would meet with some of the couples that trained with us this summer, and we would see our wonderful mentors, Merry and Peter. To help pay for our trip we put in place the silent auction with some of my art work, during the month of November. On Monday November 30th the auction will be closed. The following week we will deliver the goods to the happy owners.

If you are interested in any of the following items, each one has a detailed description under. Please send me an email letting me know which painting interests you. You may also go to my website and bid:

BID AWAY and thank you for your support!

"Pre p-Mex1", Mixed Media, 10"x10", 2014,  $100

"Prep-Mex 2", Mixed Media, 10"x10", 2014, $100
"Prep-Mex 3", Mixed Media, 10"x10", 2014, $100
"Open Air 1", Mixed Media, 12"x12", 2013, $100
"Open Air 2", Mixed Media, 12"x12", 2013, $100
"ROTO", Mixed Media, 12"x12", 2015, $200
"OPQR", Mixed Media, 12"x12", 2015, $200
"Triptych 1", Mixed Media, 12"x10", 2013, $150
"Triptych 2", Mixed Media, 12"x10'', 2013, $150
"Triptych 3", Mixed Media, 12"x10", 2013,  $150
"Fall Grass", Encaustic on Panel, 12"x14", 2013, $200