Thursday, August 12, 2010

Time Boxes I

Time Boxes are containers for amounts of time, allowing time to be managed conveniently.  Some Time Boxes are designed to be gently shaken over the the forehead for 'A While' to be dispensed. Other Time Boxes are ment to be rubbed with your middle finger for 'A Minute' to flow initially onto your hand and then softly onto the rest of your body. There are Time Boxes that need to be tipped sideways for 'A Lapse' to pour onto your environment.  They all have clear instructions for the user to follow in each case.  

These Time Boxes were made with white embroidered handkerchiefs, and sculpted with acrylic mediums. They go pinned to the wall. The Time Boxes II were shown at Chinatown Remixed, Ottawa, 2011.

Time Boxes II

Each of these Time Boxes II represent time in a geometric shape, partially covered to allow time waste.  The boxes hold time, as it sips through like wind flowing through open windows.  The scuptures embody my difficulty to understand time with the mind: they make me pretend I understand time with shapes.  Some of the Time Boxes are star-shaped, some have circular patterns, others are polygons.  Every shape represents different perceptions of passing time.

Time Boxes II were built with iron wire, most were soldered and some were bound with epoxic clay.  The fabrics were old patterned handkerchiefs, another form of time gone, a trend that seems to be coming back.  The 12 pieces were shown this year in the Chinatown Remixed 2010 Exhibition, and currently belong to private collections across North America (Seattle, Boston, Gatineau). The cost is U$ 300 each, and can be comissioned directly with the artist.