Friday, November 30, 2012

The Healing Alphabet

This body of work is a collection of objects assembled from found pieces.  Each object is worked with wax, transfers, drawings, embroidery and metal. Each art object also displays a letter of the alphabet.

Some of the found pieces are shared friends’ treasures. Other found pieces I have collected from recycling sites, antiques, or the side of the road.  While assembling these pieces in my studio they seem to converse with one another, or with the surrounding objects. Listening to their chatter, memories are triggered, as if stirred by their conversations. My work is to connect their conversations to my memories and my emotions, and to make them visible through working new shapes and surface work. I find they always talk about forgiveness, unifying, letting go and surrender.

The Healing Alphabet is the journey of healing myself through working with shapes, images of body parts, drawings, contours and the sounds of letters. Found pieces find life when they become metaphors for memories. The work enables me to heal through each of these art objects.