Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Jose and I spent ten days in China, invited by the Montessori School of Shanghai. We spent week in Shanghai - with 34 million locals, and then a few days in Hangzhou - with only 9 million, called "Heaven" for its beauty. I loved the people; the unusual food; the design and perfection of its traditional arts; the galleries of contemporary art and the museums that guard and exhibit ancient knowledge; and I loved the green and luscious landscape. I was impressed by the efficiency of the massive transportation systems of which we used metro and train; the audacity of new architecture and the traditional buildings beautifully kept. Most of all I loved the sense of adventure in an unknown and foreign culture. 
Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hangzhou

Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Hangzhou at night

Clay deity at Shanghai Museum

Brush store

Shanghai airport