Thursday, May 28, 2015

Gut Health

I have been very interested in healthy eating since university, and lately my kitchen is a lab of brewing and fermenting experiments. Here is a photo of the new sauerkraut installation just finished last weekend. It enables me to make 10 mason jars of 450 ml each time. I am using red and white cabbage, apples, cranberries, garlic and salt. It is delicious and so healthy! I have been reading about the benefits of sauerkraut and the different bacteria that it feeds in your gut, I recommend the site on Nourishing Treasures. It has a great explanation of the science behind it.

pink sauerkraut ready to be consumed

Friday, May 8, 2015

Kitchen Art

After my visit to Mexico I needed to make something to honour that amazing culture. I decided to start with food: a lot of very important foods we enjoy today are originally from Central and South America. Some travelled with migrants thousands of years ago, like cocoa. Some travelled with the Europeans that conquered the Americas, like tomatoes. That is why, today  I decided to make samples of important foods I love, to accompany my kitchen, or yours.

Another reason for producing this series is that I think of my work in the kitchen as art. The art of cooking healthy, sustainable, tasty and good looking meals. The art of setting the table with a nice layout, inviting colours, useful utensils. The art of hosting a gathering, the expectation of seeing friends, welcoming music, anticipating some moments during the event when you will call everybody for a highlight such as breaking the piñata. And most important making everyone feel special.

Below you will find images of the process used for the Kitchen Art, and some finished samples.

sketch on paper, wood cutout, paper collage, finished collection of CHILES