Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nine Organs

Emotions are hosted in different parts of our body, and accumulate over time. Happiness creates marks on our face and tone up our muscles.  Sadness, fear, rage and envy strain our muscles, and concentrate toxic elements in our organs.  Unfortunately, we only become aware of our internal organs when they are not working properly.

The collection of Nine Organs is a votive healing act.  If intention defines the outcome of our actions, my act of creating Nine Organs is healing.  During the creation process I observe the internal organs and become better at interpreting its signs.  I find a tuning with its performance and its needs.  Each organ is constantly working to maintain balance, working from within to build and preserve life.  The interrelations between organs create systems that enable its function.  Nine Organs echoes my body in the uniqueness of each shape and their interconnections with the body as a whole.




Sunday, March 15, 2015

Art Show HEAL

From February to March I will have the solo show HEAL, at the General Fine Craft and Design Gallery,  located in Almonte, Ontario (see map).  The opening will be on Sunday March 22, from 1 to 3 pm.  The show consists of two bodies of work: The Healing Alphabet, and The Nine Organs.  The objects were made with mixed media: wood, paper, fabric, embroidery, a sawing machine, a torch, transfers, and drawing supplies.

All healing requires time.  It happens in layers, as coatings of skin, streams of kind words, soothing sounds, and restoring actions.  There are different types of healing: repairing a broken tissue, mending a deep soul wound, curing a polluted river, or restoring a broken community.  However, all healing requires a similar disposition: enormous courage to face fear and to look at pain closely.  

During my healing progress, I found creativity and resiliency compelling to carry on; to overcome sadness, despair, and specially a sense of unfairness and rage.  The reason being that Healing urges me to look at my darkest sides, and into the scary shades of unknown mysteries.  Only then, the wound is identified and the real work begins.

Healing starts to happen when I feel again the burning pain.  As I skulk again through it, I begin to experience transformation.  In time, the treasure is revealed.  It then becomes lush soil, rich hummus, and abundant compost for the soul.  Healing brings a sense of gratitude that makes me eager to disclose the discoveries to honour the process.  

In this body of work, art mirrors my healing path: it embodies the process and gives shape to the task.