Thursday, October 18, 2012

Peace Piece

How to work on a Peace Piece?
The Peace Piece was made with found objects, wax and wire. You would have to peak between the two wooden slices to see the words 'here' and 'now' engraved on the inside of each surface. 

Coming from Colombia, I have a long story to share... but this is not the time.

Having worked on public murals for years, I have photos I could share... but I wanted to create something new.

Having worked on my own inner peace, I see my internal environment as a place where peace can happen. It is a place where I have to pay attention to my inner storms and eruptions. I see this as the only place where real, long lasting, meaningful peace begins.

My Peace Piece is an invitation to STOP the daily routine
For a moment, I become aware of HERE and NOW 
         Here I take a look at my inner state, feel my interior habitat 
Now I realize the changes my secret scene, 
                                 And I see how my inside light flickers 
                                        Understanding what alters my deep source of peace

The Peace Piece is a call to give yourself a moment to STOP and think about your HERE and your NOW.

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