Friday, June 1, 2012

Painting With Wax

Painting with wax is magic.  I use photos and drawings and I paint with liquid wax over them.  I also use oils, oil sticks, engraving, and transfers of my photos.  Encaustics allow me to work on old paintings which is really fun.  I love the smell of wax, although it does require proper ventilation as it tends to trigger headaches and other harmful effects.  I like making my own paints from wax, dammar resin and dry pigments.  I love to see how the solid bloc melts and hardens in front of your eyes in seconds! 

This painting is part of a group of trees I photographed last winter.  The surface has drawings of trees that mingle and combine with the background photos.  Wax makes the images look alive, like a pulsating cell. Some of these paintings were shown at The New Art Festival, Ottawa, 2012.
Night Cell

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