Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Remember Breathing

On Sunday April 9th the show Remember Breathing will open at Carriageway Studio, Almonte, until the end of the month. I have a new group of pieces related to the awareness of living in a body, and some of my older work on the same theme. The new pieces are porcelain plates with cotton embroidery and ink drawings. I used pieces of my mom's trousseau and added red threads of embroidery and draw ink drawings. This artwork is an reminder to be body-present.

I will offer a workshop on printmaking, similar to the ones I offered in Mexico two years ago. During the two hours the participants will create mono prints using Akua inks and the Pin Press.


  1. María, what a nice day for you and your art, many people will witness and enjoy your capacity for recreating your life around and inside you. Thanks for reminding us to breath! All the best! Tomás.

  2. Hello Maria, I love your art and I am interested in your workshop but I could not find a link to the printmaking workshop on your website.