Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Friendship Channel

Friendship Channel was my first collaborative art project with BLINK Art Collective, shown at Chinatown Remixed.

Chinatown Remixed is an initiative by local Ottawa artists to have venues open their doors to artists to show their work along Chinatown venues. This year three BLINK members, Genevieve Cloutier, Jess Alysworth and myself proposed Friendship Channel, project that was selected by the jury. Friendship Channel, is a poem written collaboratively along the silhouette of the water and tributaries of the Ottawa River. We sketched it on paper; designed it using Illustrator, and finally had it CNC cut at Maker Space. Then we painted and and varnished it. We chose red because it is the colour of good luck in China, plus the colour of blood. As Genevieve puts it,

I like red because it's the BLINK Art Collective colour. Also the word red is in the [Friendship Channel] poem... "red oranges"..."  In China, the orange symbolizes life, a new beginning, and prayers and wishes for good fortune"... (…) it also touches on many other symbols that bring up a lot of emotion... love, blood/menstruation, desire...

This piece is shown at the window of Shanghai Restaurant during September and October, as part of the Chinatown Remixed 2016.
Friendship Channel by Blink

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