Friday, January 22, 2016

There's Room in Gallery 101

Tomorrow Saturday January 23rd is the opening of the show There's Room at Gallery 101 in Ottawa, where I have an installation called "Connections". I will do a performance during the opening, in which I will be reacting to the interactions with people who approach me. The performance Connections will result in a finished installation that will remain in the gallery during one month. I will post more images and a short video in the weeks to come.

Here is what I wrote for the show:

As a new comer in Canada I am continuously decoding social behaviours, which are natural and unnoticed by local people. Learning how to use these clues is essential for survival, as means to become part of a community. I have been fascinated by different shapes and motifs of interaction between people. In this performance I will have an opportunity to observe and document how people interact with me, or not. As people connect with me I will connect strings from the panel "YOU" to the panel "ME".  If visitors don’t interact with me nothing will happen.

Petra Halkes, the curator of the show, wrote about the name There's Room,

I really like the title of the exhibition that I am curating at Gallery 101, There's Room, inspired as it is by a Cree word for “welcome” that translates to mean There’s Room: “Tawaw” Curator, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, shared this word with us at the We Are Cities roundtable discussion group at Gallery 101, November 28 2015, where we spoke about indigenizing the English language. Check out the event on Facebook.


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