Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Three Events in September!

September has three main events for me. First, as guest at RIA Salon (Research in Art) organized by Petra Halkes and René Price at their house. On Monday 15th I will presented images on the printmaking workshops I gave in Mexico last year. A group of about 25 artists and friends attended. Thank you for the opportunity!

Second, tropical fruits and veggies at Chinatown Remixed. This year I was assigned Kowloon Market on 716 Somerset. It is a neat supermarket, with lots of fresh and inexpensive food. Fresh (and clean) fish area, with live eels, oyster, clams, live tilapia. Also the best duck ever! See the display below.

And third, we were selected for the artist’s residency Art Place coordinated by Arts Ottawa East Arts Council. Alicia Borisonik and I will be teaching an art class to a youth group at the Alexander Community Centre during fall and winter. The residency pays the two artists a salary and also covers art supplies and rental of music instruments.

Veggie Art at Kowloon Supermarket, Chinatown Remixed, 2015

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