Thursday, March 26, 2015

Nine Organs

Emotions are hosted in different parts of our body, and accumulate over time. Happiness creates marks on our face and tone up our muscles.  Sadness, fear, rage and envy strain our muscles, and concentrate toxic elements in our organs.  Unfortunately, we only become aware of our internal organs when they are not working properly.

The collection of Nine Organs is a votive healing act.  If intention defines the outcome of our actions, my act of creating Nine Organs is healing.  During the creation process I observe the internal organs and become better at interpreting its signs.  I find a tuning with its performance and its needs.  Each organ is constantly working to maintain balance, working from within to build and preserve life.  The interrelations between organs create systems that enable its function.  Nine Organs echoes my body in the uniqueness of each shape and their interconnections with the body as a whole.




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