Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Artwork During our Mexico Trip

I said I would do a mono-print every day during my stay in Mexico.  I didn't, but almost. I made 16 mono-prints, of which I like 12, and of which I really like 8... And here they are: mono-prints of 18 cm x 20 cm.

Daily I would scratch over a single plexiglass sheet, and I would add new images as the trip progressed. I used the Pin Press to print on paper, making layers of found images such as bus, museum, or metro tickets, receipts, maps, cards, and poetry books.  The "papel picado" motifs were added as stencils here and there, using wheat glue as a binder.  Now I intend to transform the mono-prints into something else: tearing, cutting and painting over them.

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