Monday, October 27, 2014

Still Healing

We all need to heal something. I certainly need to do a lot of it, which is why I am still working on the same theme.

I am shaping wooden objects like human organs, to represent the vessels of our emotional trauma and healing. I am convinced Generative Somatics are the only way to truly heal body, mind, and spirit, and possibly too, one's connection to the land. GS (for short) is a network that supports, trains, and empowers people in their healing process. This initiative is one of my sources of inspiration, internal work, and information.

For this artwork, first I draw and cut the shapes on plywood. Then I work on the surface with layered images that talk about stories, experiences, texture, words, sounds. Telling visual stories I recreate my own path and it helps me to move on. Words work like mantras that allow me to accept, understand and forgive. Qi Gong uses sounds to contribute healing internal organs, and I am using such sounds. I am also adding some of my drawings and prints of cell structures. My intention is to create visual opportunities for the viewer to engage, read and interpret, possibly connecting to his or her own healing path.

The following images show me cutting the wooden shapes, and how I prevent warps by painting a cross in the back of each organ. The last one shows the primed shapes with white milk paint, sanded and ready to be worked on with wax, fabric, paper and oil paints. The lower image is the structure of a liver lobule, which I find fascinating. These works will be shown in November at the General Fine Craft located in Almonte, Ontario, where I currently work part-time.

cutting the shapes on plywood

preventing warping by drawing an X

Finished Heart

Finished Liver

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