Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The first art show this summer

The body of work Seven Organs found a exhibition space to take off.  From May 17 to June 17 it will be part of the Chinatown Remixed, a fun event that takes place in Ottawa every year.  It is an artist-run event that takes over the area of Chinatown, where lots of venues open their doors for artists to exhibit work.  I asked for a Chinese acupuncture office, and instead they offered me the Middle East Bakery.  I will show the Seven Organs, but they will be connected with strings and flags related to the Middle East Phoenician culture, that I much admire. Stories of the king Nebuchadnezzar 604-562 BCA, (in Spanish Nabucodonosor); the incredible tyrian purple extracted from a minuscule sea shell; their amazing ships that cruised the Mediterranean Sea and around the African horn looking for commerce and trade; and their timely invention of the phonetic alphabet. These are among the many wonders of what we call today Lebanon, Syria, Israel and Palestine. Perhaps it is best that I wasn't given a Chinese acupuncture place after all.

I will post images of the bakery with the banners I will make, connecting my Seven Organs to these images of history, our history. We owe a lot to the Phoenicians, so THANK YOU PHOENICIANS! (As Maria Montessori used to say).

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