Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creativity Unleashed in a New Direction

Did you know my grandfather was a painter? If you didn't know you could take a look at this website to see where his artistic legacy is exhibited today. If you did know, here is how he comes into this blog: I am taking a new creative path these days. I've started a detective search to find his paintings when he lived in Canada, from 1949 to 1952. His family of 9 lived in a grand house on Russell Hill Rd., Toronto, where he had his painting studio and clients came for landscape and portrait commissions. He devoted his life to oil painting while grandma Inés was the art dealer and family manager.

Today I start on a new direction, cheered by Jose (my permanent boyfriend). I started a search for the art he did and sold in Canada, and I am going to apply for a grant from Ontario Arts Council called the Chalmers Fellowship to pursue this project. I am beginning to contact different persons and art institutions in Toronto and I hope to find some leads to get me going.  I know this research will feed my artistic work, but I cannot foretell how exactly. All I know is he and I work in different ways, and none is better than the other.

Here is a sample of his paintings found at Google Images I had never seen before.

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