Monday, November 18, 2013

Connection During the Process

I find it intriguing how the creative decisions are made. Allowing emotions to guide me, I empower the non logical side of me to steer the creative process. I try to be aware of the one emotion I want to focus on and if I am distracted I remind myself to go back and stand on it, balancing and keeping straight yet mobile, as if standing on a ball. This is how I know when to stop using red and start with gold thread instead, when to burn with the torch, where to place the image on the wooden shape. Emotion is a mysterious driver and it is often deceiving, at times elusive and worst: it camouflages under other emotions which can last a long time.

Today I was trying to remain connected with a place of calm and centre. The flower-like shapes on the photo are an internal representation of lungs.

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