Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Healing Alphabet P

I am working on the letter 'P' of the Healing Alphabet which means I am ten short before I finish the whole collection.  It has been a great process of internal dialogue with each object and I hope to show the whole group of 27 pieces when I am done.  That if I manage to do another F.  The original one I gave away for an auction of Gallery 101 and I don't know the person who bought it.  He signed Black Foot, if you happen to know who he is let me know.  I would like to take a proper photo of my piece.

So this week I bring a three pieces to the new gallery General in Almonte.  I will be proud to show my work among such accomplished artists.  And if all goes well I and I am selected among the Selections 2013,  I will be showing a few pieces at Shenkman Art Centre in September.  I said I would post a few photos of the finished pieces, so here they are.

Healing P

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